Monika Krause-Fuchs (1941-2019). 

She began her studies of Latin American Studies at the University of Rostock, which she interrupted in 1961 when she married a Cuban merchant navy captain and moved to Cuba, finally graduating in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Havana. Also in Rostock, in 1983, she received a doctorate in Philosophy, specializing in Sexual Education and Sociology. 

She started working in the early 70s in the Federation of Cuban Women and became a member of the National Committee of this important political and mass organization of Fidel Castro's government. 

In 1977, together with the eminent scientist Dr. Celestino Álvarez Lajonchere, she founded the National Working Group on Sex Education, which in 1989 became the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), and she was appointed the first director of this institution.

From the beginning, the sex education work by Drs Krause and Lajonchere caused a stir throughout the country. They developed a complex national programme of sex education, counselling, therapy and family planning. Doctors, pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, lawyers and journalists participated in this programme. They made use of the written press, radio and television and carry out extensive teaching activities. She wrote and published numerous scientific and popular science articles relevant to sexuality. They translated and adapted to Cuban reality a number of German sex education books which became trully bestsellers with a major impact in society. They participate in congresses and symposia all over the world, often in a prominent position. 

In 1986, after her lecture qualification, she was also appointed professor at the Institute of Medical Sciences in Havana.

On the occasion of the World Congress of Sexology, Caracas 1989, she became a member of the Scientific Council of the World Association of Sexology and in the same year an honorary member of the Polish Academy of Sexology. 

Monika returned to Germany at the End of 1990 with her two sons. 

Monika lived in Glücksburg since 2000, married to Dr. Harry Fuchs. She died in May 2019.